The USP Digital Library of Academic Works provides society in general the access to the full text of the University's Course Completion Works. It includes in its collection: Graduation Course Conclusion Work, Specialization Course Conclusion Work (MBA), Residency Conclusion Work (TCR) of the University of São Paulo.

BDTA complies with CoCEx-CoG Resolution No. 7497, of April 9, 2018 which Regulates the availability of course completion papers or other equivalent academic papers in the Library Digital of Academic Works of the University of São Paulo.

The Pro-Rector of Culture and University Extension and the Pro-Rector of Graduation, in the use of their legal attributions, and in view of the resolution of the Council of Culture and University Extension, in a session held on August 24, 2017, by the Council of Graduation, in a session held on September 21, 2017 and by the Legislation and Resources Commission ", downloaded the Resolution in a session held on February 20, 2018.

This regulation determines that all Undergraduate courses, Specialization courses and uniprofessional or multiprofessional residency activities at the University of São Paulo that adopt the presentation of a course conclusion paper or monograph may have their work deposited at BDTA, according to some conditions:

Article 1 of the Resolution: the examining board or equivalent evaluating body must inform whether or not it recommends the inclusion of these documents in USP's Digital Library of Academic Works (BDTA).

In this sense, the Resolution establishes the principles for the legal deposit of Monographs of Lato Sensu Graduation and Post-Graduation from the Universidade de São Paulo at the Library of the Digital Library of Academic Works (BDTA).

The USP Academic Information Management Agency (AGUIA), which incorporated the activities of the old Integrated Library System (SIBiUSP), is responsible for hosting, maintaining and improving the BDTA, in addition to training the Units' librarian teams in the execution of the flow of information submission.

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